MOSCOW: Paul Golding lays wreath at national war memorial

Today, party leader Paul Golding and other Britain First representatives laid a poppy wreath at the 'Tomb of the Unknown' soldier in Moscow. 

The 'Tomb of the Unknown' is the national war memorial of the Russian Federation and is located next to the walls of the Kremlin in central Moscow.

An eternal flame burns constantly at the site. 

At first, Paul laid the wreath at the steps to the memorial.

But then he was granted access to lay the wreath at the memorial itself, which is not accessible for the public. 

Paul laid the wreath, bowed and gave a British salute.

The wreath was adorned with the following words:

Mother Russia
Thank you for your sacrifice
God bless your heroes and your motherland
Lest we forget
Britain First

This act of remembrance was covered by several Russian media outlets.

The video of this important act of remembrance will be released shortly. 


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