NEW VIDEO: Muslim Defence League CHALLENGES Britain First again! Challenge accepted!

Recently, Britain First held a day of action in the Muslim Defence League (MDL) stronghold of Halifax.

Only two activists of the MDL turned up to confront Britain First but were very tame because they did not have superior numbers.

Then, the leader of the MDL started posting videos challenging Britain First to come back.

In response, Paul Golding challenged the leader of the MDL to a charity boxing match, but this warrior of Islam went quiet.

Now, this miscreant has posted another video declaring 'street warfare' against Britain First!

The leader of the MDL calls Paul and Britain First 'pussy holes' and claims he will run us out of Halifax if we dare to come back.

Britain First HQ has confirmed that we will be returning to Halifax very, very quickly now for a full day of action.

Watch the latest MDL video here:

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