New Hertfordshire branch makes excellent start!

The first meeting of Britain First's Hertfordshire branch took place yesterday in the historic town of Hertford.

The meeting quickly turned to an interesting and productive discussion of key issues affecting the county, leading to plans for practical action.

Branch organiser Geoff Miles (below right) spoke of the worrying speed at which the county's towns have changed over the last two years due to mass immigration, with foreign shops invading high streets, British taxi drivers edged out of some towns, and local councils apparently prioritising newcomers and minorities for public housing.

Erosion of free speech was addressed, with several saying they could no longer speak their minds because of the oppressive 'hate speech' laws.

All agreed that Britain First must continue to speak the truth without heed to political correctness, but stay within the law by backing up potentially contentious statements with hard evidence, and where necessary using indirect or 'coded' language to get the message across.

The crisis of confidence among the young - as manifested for example in youth suicide rates and the 'transgenderism' epidemic - was seen as a major issue, possibly linked to a more general loss of national pride and identity.

The education system and mainstream media were seen as prime culprits with their relentless peddling of anti-British propaganda, 'idiot white man' stereotypes and so on.

Attendees were uncertain what, if anything, Britain First could do to help reverse this damaging cultural shift.

All agreed that the new Hertfordshire branch could play a valuable role in holding local councils and politicians to account, and in raising awareness and educating local people on immigrant demographics and expansionist Islam.

It was anticipated the branch could also help convert some of Britain First's massive online support into real-world activity, by enabling local supporters to meet up, socialise and get involved.

The next steps for the group will be to identify target areas for leafleting (and possibly contesting council seats) and to create a compelling patriotic message for the people of Hertfordshire.

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