NEW POLICY: Prime Ministers should be directly elected by the people

HQ is pleased to announce the results of our latest members' policy vote.

The new policy proposal was first confirmed by the Standing Committee, the governing body of Britain First.

Then the policy proposal was sent to all paid-up members via email to vote on its adoption or rejection.

This is the text of the new policy:

Introduce direct democratic election for the post of Prime Minister, so the Prime Minister is directly accountable to the people and not simply the choice of the largest parliamentary political party. This will provide greater control, accountability and transparency for the British electorate.

HQ has now closed the vote and we can inform you of the members' decision. 

After two days of voting - available only to paid-up members of Britain First - the results are as follows:

As you can see above, the overwhelming majority of paid-up Britain First members (92.32%) voted in favour of this new policy.

It has therefore been added to our official party policy section on our website, in the 'government' section.

Because COVID has made it impossible to hold a national conference this year, we will holding many more of these members' policy votes in due course.

It is our membership which decides what policies Britain First adopts.

If you want to become a Britain First member and help shape our growing list of official policies, please click on the link below and join for as little as £2:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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