No need to feel guilty!

White Europeans aren't the ones who should feel guilty today.

No white person alive was responsible for the slave trade that a handful of our ancestors engaged in over 150 years ago.

The argument that mass immigration is a punishment for us and a way of 'atoning' for some of our ancestors' misdeeds is invalid.

It's actually the Muslim world that owes millions of apologies to the slaves they themselves are keeping today.

Global Slavery Index map showing prevalence of slavery around the world in 2018.

Nor should we feel sorry for Africans and Muslims because they are 'poor'. It's not our fault that we work harder than them.

We have plenty of our own people who genuinely need our help and who deserve our attention first.

One argument for mass immigration that multiculturalists give is that we have a lessening birth rate in Britain and will need more people to fill the work gaps in the not too distant future.

If declining demographics mean that we'll have a shortage of young people soon, then shouldn't we be concentrating even more on investing in our own future and supporting the growth of young British families now?

Even if it does become absolutely essential in the future to import foreign workers, then it could be part of a temporary deal.

For example, we could allow suitably qualified Chinese people into our country to work for five years, after which time they're sent back to their own country, no matter what.

If they stop contributing for any reason, they leave sooner.

Most of the rest of the world has similar policies to this.

There's nothing racist about it. It's called looking after our own interests, which means preserving our culture and keeping our society intact and prosperous.

You deluded and misinformed useful idiot liberals out there who constantly criticise your own country (and wish to be surrounded by Africans and Muslims) are obviously unhappy here.

You don't like the protections and the freedom that the West provides you.

Therefore if it's ever up to me, you'll be given £2,000 and dropped off in Sudan.

Paradise for liberals: Sudan.

That money will enable you to live very well there for a long time.

Of course, you'll never be able to return to any Western country, ever again. (I can already picture you jumping for joy.)

And best of all, in Sudan you'll be able to say anything you want about the West.

Everybody will be happy!

Ben Walker


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