Paul Golding: I am going to sue the Probation Service!

I have some good news for our supporters today: As I said in my last video, I am going to sue the Probation Service!

What I have been subjected to over the last week is an outrage.

After horrific levels of harassment that involved 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command', raids on my home address and much more, the judge threw out the Probation Service prosecution.

That was a good result and a great victory against the politically-motivated establishment and their lackeys.

But now, with such a strong case for damages and harassment, I am determined to drag these bastards into court and make them pay dearly for persecuting me!

These are the incontrovertible facts of the case:

- I provided 5 days notice to my Probation Officer that I was travelling to Northern Ireland but in the court papers he claimed that I hadn't provided him with any notice;
- I provided the full address of the hotel I was staying in for my trip to Northern Ireland as I am required to do 5 days before departure;
- I specifically stated I was going to see my solicitors and the Equalities Commission and provided evidence to confirm these appointments;
- Probation then assumed I was going to cause havoc and disrupt 'community safety' on the 12th July celebrations;
- Two days before departure, I re-forwarded the details of my trip to my Probation Officer;
- My Probation Officer refused my calls for a full week leaving me unable to provide him with any evidence that he was making a big mistake;
- I was harassed over the phone over five times by officers from the Metropolitan Police and SO15 Counter Terrorism Command;
- The Probation Service did not send me any formal warning as they are required to do so by their own guidelines before taking the matter to court;
- The Probation Service asked SO15 Counter Terrorism Command to pull officers away from catching terrorists and forced them to escort me to court;
- I surrendered myself twice to police stations to be arrested but was told that, even with a warrant for me outstanding, they would not arrest me;
- The Probation Service prosecutors could not even contact my probation officer to inform him he's made a huge mistake;
- In the end, I did not even travel to Northern Ireland but stayed at home instead.

Due to all of this, the judge simply threw the case out the window and I walked out of court with a huge smile on my face having wiped the floor with the establishment.

The recommendation of the Probation Service was that I was sent to prison for 14 days!

I want to sue them for this embarrassing debacle for the following reasons:

1. To demonstrate to the establishment that I am not going to be persecuted without an almighty retaliation;
2. To cause them further embarrassment for the way they mishandled this fiasco;
3. To deter them from taking liberties with me in the future.

Tomorrow I am receiving expert legal advice to take this case further.

The last piece of the puzzle is the funding to launch a devastating legal assault on these jobsworth parasites!

Will you help me sue these anti-democratic cretins and teach them a lesson?

Can I count on your support Paul to help me cause further embarrassment to the politically correct morons who tried to send me back to prison?

I am depending on you Paul to stand with me so I can pulverise these bastards in court!

Monday morning, I wiped the floor with these leftwing fascists in court, but now I want to teach them a lesson they will never forget!

Please chip into my legal fund, CLICK HERE.

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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