PETITION: Britain First submits request for action to Worcester MP Robin Walker

Anti-social behaviour by Worcester students is blighting the lives of local residents.

Britain First has submitted a petition to Worcester MP Robin Walker in order to address the anti-social behaviour of university students in the area.

It has gained hundreds of signatures over the past few weeks!

The petition, originally proposed by Britain First member Andrew Wilkie, was started because several neighbourhoods in Worcester were being blighted by loud parties, shouting, screaming and bottles being smashed in the street, and despite complaints to the local authorities, nothing was being done.

One pensioner was temporarily driven from her home by the pandemonium, but when she complained to the police they suggested she move!

We feel confident that Robin Walker will be able use his considerable influence to get West Mercia Police, Worcester City Council, landlords and the University to act together to stop student anti-social behaviour.

Many thanks are due to all those who signed the petition, and we will bring you an update as soon as we are notified of future developments.


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