PHOTOS: Britain First meeting in Brighouse

Fresh from a successful day of action in Halifax, around thirty activists and supporters held an indoor meeting in the small Yorkshire town of Brighouse.

The meeting was chaired by chief of staff, Andrew Edge (below), who introduced the speakers.

First to speak was south west regional organiser Ken Kearsey (below), who explained how Britain First is a family of patriots all striving for the same cause.

Ken outlined how he has been ostracised from the Church of England and other Christian groups, simply because he campaigns with Britain First for a Christian Britain!

Next up was elections officer George Whale (below), who gave a superb speech about the war on masculinity.

George explained how British manhood has been emasculated by liberal education and media brainwashing. 

George called for a return of traditional British masculinity and manly, gentlemanly ways to counter the current liberal poison.

Last up was party leader Paul Golding (below), who talked about the enormous shift in the political scene taking place across the west.

He explained how social media, the Trump phenomenon, Brexit and the rise of populism was forcing the political Left to resort to censorship and persecution.

He ended with a call to action for all British patriots who want to save our country.

The day of action and after-meeting was attended by lots of new faces, newly recruited patriots who have recently signed up and taken part in their first activities.

If you want to sign up as an activist, please CLICK HERE.


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