PHOTOS: Britain First visits Calais, gets violently attacked by migrants!

Today, Britain First activist's visited the French port of Calais and were violently attacked by gangs of migrants.

Our activists were spat at, had rocks thrown at them and faced ferocious hostility.

There was criminal damage inflicted on the vehicle our activists were driving.

Party leader Paul Golding and a contingent of BFD officers spent hours in the town talking to migrants, trying to deter them from making their way illegally to Britain.

The migrants were all working age men from Africa and the Middle East.

There were no women and children.

One migrant even offered Paul the sum of €10,000 if he would bring the migrant to the UK!

Our team also visited the beaches that are being used by migrants to set sail in dinghies to Dover.

The video report will be shocking.



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