PHOTOS: Britain First Conference 2019

Yesterday, delegates from all over the country descended on Hinckley in the Midlands for the annual Britain First Conference. 

The delegates heard rousing speeches from Paul Rimmer, Luke Cage (The Reality Report), Charlie Fox (Identitarian Movement), Samuel Cochrane, Timothy Burton, Ashlea Simon, Sharon Workman and Paul Golding.

During an awards ceremony, six Britain First medals were given out to reward the mighty contribution that the recipients have made to the movement.

The conference was also shown a special video message from a high-ranking journalist in the Russian media.

Food, refreshments and merchandise was all available for those in attendance.

Around Nuneaton and Hinckley, left-wing idiots from the UAF and Antifa were running around trying to track down the venue, with no success. 

Over the next few weeks, we will release more photos and the speeches from the conference.


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