PHOTOS: Eventful day of action in Sunderland!

Our new division in the North East took to the streets of Sunderland today, for what turned out to be an eventful day.

Britain First activists engaged with a very patriotic and supportive public in the city, despite a gaggle of leftist soap-dodgers being in town.

These leftists called the police on Britain First three times, but they were told that our activities were perfectly lawful.

When party leader grabbed the microphone and started an impromptu mini-speech, a crowd formed that cheered Britain First and booed the leftists.

Paul Golding even got a verbal warning from the police for calling the lefties 'soap-dogers' and advising them to go and have a bath.

After the conclusion of the campaigning, our activists retreated to a nearby local pub to unwind. 

Britain First is off to a great start in the North East. 


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