PHOTOS: North West activists recruitment drive in Heywood

Today, Britain First activists hit the streets of Heywood and Oldham in the North West as part of a regional recruitment drive and 'Operation Lionheart'.

Also happening in these towns were election campaign rallies held by Tommy Robinson.

During the Oldham rally, massive disturbances broke out after the Muslim Defence League (MDL) attacked the police.

The police as usual reacted with typical appeasement and 'softly softly' cowardice in the face of the Muslim onslaught. 

Many English women and children were hurt, along with police officers, but the police did a bare minimum so as not to be called 'racist'.

Political correctness is paralysing the police. 

Around 1,000 leaflets were given out to the assembled patriots and locals.

If you would like to join our activist teams in your region, please CLICK HERE.


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