PHOTOS: SO15 and Bedfordshire Police launch roadside ambush on Britain First team

Last night, the police persecution of Britain First continued unabated.

At approximately 4pm, the Britain First delegation to Moscow landed at Luton airport.

They expected to be harassed by 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command' as soon as they stepped off the plane, but this never materialised, thankfully.

Relieved, our team left the airport and headed off home in different directions.

When party leader Paul Golding and Ashlea Simon left Luton airport, two officers from ‘SO15 Counter Terrorism Command’ - in plain clothes and in an unmarked vehicle - followed them around through the Bedfordshire countryside for approximately twenty minutes.

At this point, this undercover/covert unit called for a standard uniformed police unit to make a traffic stop on Paul’s vehicle, and both police cars turned on their blue flashing lights.

Both Paul and Ashlea were then subjected to the usual police harassment, name checks, persistent questioning, and Paul was ordered to take a breathalyzer to prove he wasn't drunk:

In total, two police cars and five officers took part in the ambush.

The entire saga was filmed by Ashlea on her phone and the officers freely admitted that the undercover police unit was following Paul’s vehicle through a previous village.

Two of the officers - in plain clothes - were from SO15 with lanyards around their necks, pictured below:

After a short while and a lot of messing about, both Paul and Ashlea were released and they hit the road.

We apologise for the confusion regarding last night's email update stating Paul and the team had been arrested etc, but our admins at HQ were trying to alert our supporters without having the full picture.

At first, it did appear as though this was a full blown ambush to arrest Paul and Ashlea.

Why was it necessary for SO15 to follow Paul’s vehicle through the Bedfordshire countryside?

Why was it necessary to launch a multi-vehicle police ambush on Paul and Ashlea and detain them at the roadside?

Haven't 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command' got better things to do than stalking a politician through the countryside?

This was blatant and unnecessary police harassment, pure and simple.

A few weeks ago patriot activist Tommy Robinson was stopped in London for no reason and subjected to a kerbside drug test.

Now it seems the same happened to Paul and Ashlea, being pulled over for no reason and subjected to a breathalyzer.

Paul tested zero for the breathalyzer and so did Tommy Robinson.

Tonight, HQ will release the full video filmed by Ashlea which is shocking to say the least.

The authorities are hoping that by relentlessly grinding Paul down with endless harassment, he will surrender and give up his fight to save our country.

The police believe that everyone has a breaking point, but Paul has shown over the years that he is unshakeable when it comes to police persecution.

It is time they realised this.

Their endless efforts to undermine our morale and break the willpower of our leaders is going to end in failure. 

Britain First is a movement of history, destiny and providence.

God is with us and we will be victorious.

Please take the plunge and join the ranks of our freedom movement without delay!

Join up as a member and take your place in the movement that will liberate Britain:

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