Piers Morgan is despicable

Piers Morgan is despicable.

Piers Morgan is filth.

Piers Morgan is the vilest of animals.

Piers Morgan should be viewed with enmity and hatred.

How do we know all these?

They come from a book, the book that Piers Morgan commanded us all to respect.

He rudely and bossily scolded one of his guests: 'Show some damned respect!'

The guest was Tommy Robinson, and the book the Koran.

Yes, the Koran does indeed say non-Muslims are 'the most despicable' (98:6), 'unclean' (9:28), 'the vilest of beasts' (8:22), and praises as an 'excellent pattern... between us and you enmity and hatred' (60:4).

This is the basis for Islam's 'them and us' apartheid.

The Koran, all of it, forms part of Islamic law. It is not optional.

Piers Morgan ordered respect for that book.

He brings these condemnations upon himself.


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