POLICE HARASSMENT! Kent Police torment Britain First official then refuse to arrest him!

As we reported several weeks ago, Kent police made contact with Paul Rudge, Britain First regional organiser for the West Midlands.

They informed him they would be travelling up to Birmingham, where Paul lives, to arrest him and then interview him for an offence in Dover from last autumn. 

The offence was 'wearing a political uniform contrary to the Public Order Act 1936'.

In plain language, Paul was wearing an item of Britain First clothing from our online shop.

You couldn't made this nonsense up!

Today, two detective constables from Kent Police travelled from Folkestone, on the south coast, to Birmingham to arrest Paul and charge him with this offence. 

However, when he arrived at the police station, a gormless officer from Kent Police informed Paul that it would be a voluntary interview and he wouldn't be arrested!

This is naked political harassment and a complete misuse of police resource.

Paul told them he would not submit to a voluntary interview and if they wanted to interview him, they would have to arrest him. 

In the end, the police chickened out of arresting Paul and he walked out a free man. 

The officers from Kent Police then supposedly drove all the way back to Kent empty handed. 

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