POLICY SPOKESMEN: Britain First to mobilise the intellectual base of our movement

Over the past few years, Britain First has made a formidable name for itself by highlighting the numerous national scandals of our time - grooming gangs, illegal immigration and the shameful neglect of our homeless veterans by the government of the day, to mention just a few.

Britain First is way ahead of the field when it comes to exposing the evils of political correctness, multiculturalism, virtue-signalling, the drive towards 'diversity' and other malign political forces - such as Islamisation - that threaten our civilised Christian society and our traditional way of life.

Although we have developed a comprehensive and compelling political presence along the way, our focus has been almost entirely on the activities listed above, and we now feel that the time is right to appoint a dedicated political team to concentrate on refining our policies and manifesto and presenting them to the public in a clear, open and transparent way that confounds the mendacious narrative of the fake news media.

Accordingly, Britain First is proud to announce the launch of our very own shadow cabinet, led and organised by our Chairman, Timothy Burton (pictured).

We intend to take on the so-called 'old gang' of mainstream political parties and defeat them with the force of our overwhelming intellectual arguments.

While this project is still in its infancy, we expect to start appointing policy spokesmen with immediate effect.

Our first appointment is Timothy Burton himself, who will be our policy spokesman for all matters relating to Islam.

The aim of this project is to mobilise the intellectuals and knowledgeable members within the movement and give them a platform to expand and refine our ideological output.

Britain First intends to be a full political party and movement with a full manifesto and policy platform, not just an organisation of action.

If you are a member of Britain First and want to be considered as a Britain First policy spokesman, please email our chairman Timothy Burton at: [email protected]

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