Popular LGBTQ website accused of pushing pedophilia

'Pink News' reported as celebrating 49-year-old man’s gay relationship with a 16-year-old

Popular LGBTQ+ magazine Pink News has been accused of promoting pedophilia after sharing a short video featuring a same-sex couple with a 33-year age difference.

The UK-based online magazine was promptly criticised for sharing the short video on social media on Wednesday, in which Kayleb, 22, claims his relationship with Mark, 55, began six years ago when Kaleb was just 16-years old.

'Our age difference is 33 years,' Kayleb said in the video. 'He is 55 and I am 22. And this is my first relationship ever, in general. But we’re going six years strong… A lot of people assume we’re father and son'.

Users have been quick to condemn the video, accusing the magazine of advocating predatory behaviour and normalizing pedophilia. One user said:

'Seriously what is the point of sharing this story TWICE? It literally is the argument used against the LGBTQ community equating homosexuality with paedophilia and you are handing it on a silver platter.'

'Do you not recognize the harm? Do the math on this one.'

Another user commented, 'As a mother of a 17-year-old son, I would not be happy in any way if he began dating a middle-aged person of 49. Especially when that relationship is the only one that young person has ever had. Grooming springs to mind here!'

'This is advocating predatory behaviour and that’s NEVER ok,' another said.

Editors comment - It's telling that at least one of the comments is concerned about the story 'making the LGBTQ community look bad.' But yes, it IS advocating predatory behaviour and paedophilia, and it should be called out.


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