Populist parties launch blitz on left-wing indoctrination in schools!

Across Europe, patriotic parties are finally pushing back the tide of Marxist-globo-feminist-LGBT indoctrination that has confused and corrupted countless schoolchildren and college students.

Bulgaria: A UNESCO project on 'gender equality' is banned by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Germany: Patriotic party Alternative for Germany (AfD) pledges to end gender-studies funding, university appointments and research.

Holland: Nationalist party Forum voor Democratie sets up a special hotline for school pupils and students to report 'left wing indoctrination'. 'Pupils and parents have had enough', they say.

Hungary: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's government bans university gender studies programmes. Gender studies 'has no business in universities', says deputy PM Zsolt Semjen.

Italy: Education minister Marco Bussetti of the League party blocks a prying queestionnaire on 'gender-based-discrimination', 'sexual orientation' and transgenderism, aimed at high-school pupils in central Italy. In Verona, nationalist protesters shut down a gender conference.

Poland: Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the governing Law and Justice party, condemns gender and LGBT brainwashing as part of a 'direct attack on the family and children'.

So now young people in these countries may escape left-wing propaganda, and learn instead about Christian values, the traditional family and their own national cultures.

Such a push-back is long overdue in Britain.

Czech children in national costume.


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