REPORT: Britain First team visits Moscow, interviewed by Russian TV

A team of Britain First officials have flown to Moscow, in Russia, to visit the Russian Parliament (Duma) for the second time.

Tomorrow, the Britain First team will visit the Duma to meet with members of parliament to discuss practical plans of cooperation, friendship and mutual assistance.

The team had a busy day today, meeting journalists in Red Square who filmed party leader Paul Golding laying a poppy wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Kremlin.

Paul was also escorted to the studios of the major Russian TV network, Russia 24, where he was interviewed. 

This interview is set to be broadcast tomorrow to an estimated audience of 40 million Russians, maybe more.

The trip to Moscow has a practical purpose too, putting in place valuable infrastructure and services that are unobtainable in the UK.

Tomorrow evening, HQ will post a report on the team's visit to the Duma and the Kremlin.

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