REPORT: Britain First trip to Moscow

The Britain First foreign affairs trip to Moscow is going very well, with party leader Paul Golding being interviewed twice for Russian TV.

Unfortunately, the Russian parliament is closed due to Covid, so our team headed to the HQ (below) of the 'Liberal Democratic Party of Russia' (LDPR) which, despite its name, its actually a right-wing nationalist party.

The LDPR is the second largest party in Russia and has hundreds of thousands of members and a policy platform very similar to Britain First.

Their leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is the second most popular politician in Russia after Putin. 

This is what Wikipedia had to say about Zhirinovsky:

'He [Zhirinovsky] is fiercely nationalist and has been described as a showman of Russian politics, blending populist and nationalist rhetoric....and a brash, confrontational style.'

Sounds very much like our leader, Paul Golding.

Today our delegation met with LDPR members of the Russian parliament (Duma) at their HQ (below).

Our team was also treated to a tour of the museum within the LDPR HQ and we were surprised to see that - taking pride of place within their library - was a copy of Paul Golding's book 'The Battle for Britain'.

Paul has been interviewed by the 'Federal News Agency' and 'TsarGrad TV', both of which were very interesting and will be available shortly.

On Thursday evening, our team laid a poppy wreath at the Tomb the Unknown Soldier at the walls of the Kremlin, an act of remembrance covered by the Russian media.

Our team has also been networking with other Russian patriots and politicians, from the media to politics.

One of the Russian TV channels has even asked Paul to take part as a contributor when the US Presidential Election takes place in a few weeks.

As the nations of the Western world face the same problems of globalism, demographic collapse, Islamist violence and political correctness, it is important that our movements network, form friendships, share experiences and help each other in any way they can, to secure a future for our entire civilisation.

Compare and contrast the treatment and reception given to Britain First in Russia, with the hostility, dirty tricks and persecution we experience in politically correct Britain.

Russia is going to play a huge part in the salvation of the Western world in the decades to come, and Britain First is at the forefront of building friendships and alliances in this important European superpower.

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