Robots v. Jihadists

Sadly, the above headline heralds neither the unleashing of a Crusader robot in Anjem Choudary's backyard, nor the creation of a 'Jihadi Vision' cyborg army to hunt down the 20,000+ potential terrorists still roaming British streets.

Nevertheless, predicted developments in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) could prove significant in stemming the future flow of 'Allahu Akbar' extremists into Britain:

Nearly nine million British jobs are at risk from robots, with those working in retail, manufacturing and business support services most at risk, figures reveal.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is expected to see current jobs wiped out across a wide range of sectors as automation becomes cheaper than humans.

In total 8,820,545 posts could be wiped out by 2030, with retail workers at the biggest risk, according to Department for Work and Pensions figures given to MailOnline.

The main pro-immigration argument of government and industry has always been that we need endless numbers of second- and third-world immigrants to 'do the jobs that British people won't do'. (Translation: 'do the slave labour that no Briton with a family could even survive on'.)

This strategy has repeatedly (sometimes literally) exploded in their faces as a small minority of 'New Britons' affiliated to the Religion of PeaceTM have shown their gratitude with Knives of Peace, off-road Vehicles of Peace and Suicide Bombs of Peace.

Robots are less troublesome and mostly cheaper than humans, and happy to slave 24/7. All they need is a power supply and an occasional drop of oil. So where will that leave the New Britons?

It will leave many of them redundant, surplus to requirements, maybe even queuing for the next flight back to Islamabad or Bucharest.

Thus, the rise of AI collapses the official case for mass immigration - especially mass immigration from the jihadist breeding grounds of the Middle East.

The Mail article concludes:

Ministers say that investment in lifelong training and education will help the UK create more jobs than are lost to robots.

It's a dubious claim which - even if true - speaks for the retraining of native British workers, instead of importing yet more semi-educated (and sometimes hostile) third worlders.

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    • James Nicholls
      commented 2019-01-07 13:16:19 +0000
      Further AI research should be banned and Britain should never have the intelligent human-like robots seen in many sci-fi films. Most major countries will probably naively develop these things without thinking about the consequences, however hopefully when Britain First is in power the UK will be the country that’s never taken over by AI in the far future, and never has robots that are more intelligent than humans in its own country. When we do have a good party in power and AI research is banned, we should convince other countries to do the same otherwise I think AI-run countries in the far future may try and invade and colonise Britain. We need to be very careful, very wise and always think at least 3 steps ahead if we are to avoid this almost certain future catastrophe.