Sajid Javid wants hundreds of thousands of new immigrants yearly

One of the frontrunners for the Conservative leadership has admitted to being a 'big fan of immigration' and says he'll scrap the party's manifesto pledge to reduce annual net immigration to 'tens of thousands'.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid is a second generation immigrant who's achieved wealth and success in Britain, so his enthusiasm for mass immigration isn't too surprising.

In this, he's typical of minority ethnic politicians generally, who champion it for a number of reasons.

First, of course, is the possibility of harvesting new immigrant votes.

Second is the prospect of consolidating their own tribe, its culture and relative power in Britain, and establishing strongholds of tribal loyalty (ghettoes, as we'd call them).

Net migration (immigration minus emigration) over the past decade has persisted at around a quarter of a million per year, with increasing numbers from the Third World.

That's a city the size of Birmingham every four years.

Evidently, Mr Javid is happy for that to continue, though he's in a minority as polls show that most people (including many ethnic voters) want big cuts to immigrant numbers.

So hopefully, his profession of love for large-scale immigration will backfire on him spectacularly.


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