Online porn largely responsible for climate change

Online porn 'produces the same amount of carbon emissions as all the households in France'.

A new study brings a whole new meaning to the term 'dirty movie', as online porn has been found to be responsible for 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

The Shift Project's 'Climate crisis: The unsustainable use of online video' report found that a third of all videos viewed online are porn, and that watching online adult entertainment emits just under 100 million tons of CO2 emissions.

The emissions generated in 2018 were of the same 'magnitude as that of the residential sector in France,' the report found.

Online videos generated 60 percent of the world's data flows in 2018, which doesn't include Skype videos or 'cam-girls' live videos, and creates 300 million tons of CO2 emissions a year. 

Video streaming services like Netflix account for a third of online videos, and created the same amount of emissions as the entire Chilean economy. 

The report warns that emissions will continue to grow along with our increased viewing of online content and suggests limitations are put in place, such as not autoplaying videos and not using the highest possible resolution.


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