Sign up as an Election Candidate!

The Brexit betrayal has proved beyond doubt that established parties no longer represent or respect the will of the British people.

Which is why Britain First is now dedicated to getting true patriots elected to public office.

The local elections in May 2019 offer us a great opportunity to stand candidates for local councils across the country. Election of even one Britain First councillor would send shockwaves through a treacherous and complacent British establishment.

You can be among this vanguard of patriotic politicians by standing for election.

No prior experience is needed (we provide training), but it will give you and Britain First a priceless opportunity to lend a voice to local people and show them a better future.

Britain First is determined to become a serious political party in this country and for that we need your help.

For further information and to register as a Britain First election candidate for May 2019, please follow this link or go to the top menu: ACTIVISM -> SIGN UP AS A BRITAIN FIRST CANDIDATE.

If you require more information, email your questions to me at [email protected]

Join us in this exciting new stage in Britain First's growth!

Dr George Whale
Elections Officer


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