Spain: 200 illegal migrants storm border fence in Melilla

50 illegal migrants break through fence, 6 guards injured

Thursday 25 July - Authorities in the Spanish city of Melilla say that around 200 migrants have tried to climb a barrier separating the European country’s north African enclave from Morocco.

The local office of the Spanish government’s representative said Friday that one migrant suffered a fractured leg while six Spanish police were injured when around 50 migrants managed to scale the security fence surrounding the coastal city.

The other 150 were repelled by Spanish and Moroccan border guards.

The migrants who reached Spanish soil were taken to a holding center, where they can ask for asylum while authorities start procedures to return them to their countries of origin.

Spain has become the leading entry point for migrants to Europe. Most cross the Mediterranean Sea in small boats unfit for open waters.

Migrants who make it through can apply for asylum.     

Spain was the top gateway to Europe for migrants last year with 56,914 arrivals -- more than double the 26,707 arrivals the year before. Morocco claims that in the first nine months of 2018 it stopped 68,000 crossing attempts by illegal migrants.

Authors comment: This is not the first time that co-ordinated efforts have been made to break through - and there is a huge incentive to for these African migrants to do so. As long as that incentive remains, the problems will get worse as rapidly increasing numbers of Africans see life in Europe as preferable to staying at home.


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