– Scrap the entire 'foreign aid' budget and re-direct the funds saved to urgent domestic problems. Any foreign assistance should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but only after domestic issues of concern are rectified, such as mass homelessness, child poverty, food bank usage etc, and only when the national debt has been brought down to under £500 billion.

– Scrap all expenditure relating to mass immigration, such as translation costs, benefits, migrant hotels and accommodation, migrant education, immigration advisors, immigration solicitors, migrant legal aid, telecommunication expenses for migrants, and so on.

– Halt all further payments to the European Union (EU). We would cease any further payments to EU projects such as the European Space Agency, the European Court of Human Rights, and so on.

– Slash the entire welfare budget by 50% by curtailing spending on undeserving recipients and causes, saving the taxpayer approximately £150 billion. The welfare system should be available only to the genuine needy and vulnerable, not those who choose welfare dependancy as a lifestyle. 

– Pass legislation forcing all future governments to spend within their means, to de-rail the current practice of chronic state overspending, i.e. the socialist model. This will halt the rapid expansion of the national debt and allow it to be gradually paid off. All governments should create budgets that do not involve relentless borrowing. Borrowing should be reserved only for national crises.

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