Study finds that white liberals treat ethnic minorities as inferior

Recent psychological research has found that when white liberals speak to ethnic minorities, they deliberately downgrade their speech, implicitly assuming that the people they're talking to are less intelligent.

According to a new study from a peer-reviewed scientific journal from the American Psychological Association, ... White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to minorities, black people in particular.

This process of modifying speech and vocabulary according to the race or background of an audience is called 'code switching', and anyone who's been among leftists will have witnessed it.

The study found by contrast that conservatives tend to address everyone in the same manner, implicitly treating them as equals.

This confirms what we've always known: that leftists and liberals are obsessed with race, and see non-white people as inferiors to be pitied, patronised and given special favours.

Say what you like about Britain First, but we're not smug or patronising.

We welcome all true patriots and respect their merits, regardless of background.



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