Suffer Little Children...

The Times today (24th November) tells the story of a child migrant - let's call him 'Assad' - who until this month was a year-11 pupil at Stoke High School in Ipswich.

Although only 15 years old, Assad (pictured here in his school uniform) is 6ft 1in tall, boasts a hairy chest and chin stubble, enjoys drinking beer and - oh, he's married with a family.

Kids - they grow up so fast these days!

Shockingly, other pupils' parents complained to the school, claiming Assad had lied about his age. Such racism and Islamophobia, just because the lad hails from the Middle East!

Fortunately, the school slapped them down, threatening legal action.

Assad is not the only nipper of foreign origin who has faced discrimination: below are other migrant children accused of lying about their age in order to gain residency in Britain:

Poor, vulnerable little mites - surely only the most heartless bigot could disbelieve them?


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