Sweden: Jailed migrant rapes prison priest during spiritual guidance

The man’s origin is 'not reported', but no Swedish citizens can be deported from the country.

Thursday 22 August - A migrant, doing time at Hall prison, one of Sweden’s high-security jails, locked the door to the room serving as a space for spiritual guidance, attacked the female prison priest and raped her. Now, his penalty is prolonged with three years. Afterwards, he is to be expelled from Sweden for ten years.

The rape behind the walls at Hall prison happened in December last year but the trial was not held until June, Aftonbladet reports.

The female priest said that the prisoner, first locked the door to the room where she was supposed to help him with spiritual guidance. Then he placed a chair under the door handle to ensure that nobody could enter. Then he attacked her.

The priest, who stated that she was in absolutely shock could not scream and was too afraid to ring the security bell in the room. She did not report the crime against her until two days later.

Now the convict, who already was serving time for assault and drug crimes, is sentenced to three more years in prison in addition to be expelled from Sweden for 10 years.

The man’s origin is not reported by Aftonbladet, but no Swedish citizens can be deported from the country.

Editor's comment - This article raises more questions than it answers. First of all, what were the Swedish prison authorities thinking of when allowing a young woman priest into a secluded area with such a prisoner, already serving time for assault? Secondly, why is such a heinous offence only punishable with three years further imprisonment? Thirdly, why is his nationality or ethnic origin not reported? Oh, wait, I think we know the answer to THAT one.


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