Sweden: Purchases of self-defence pepper sprays surge as rape crisis deepens

Retailers and manufacturers of pepper sprays have reported a 90 percent increase in sales.

Thursday 22 August - Self-defense pepper sprays are selling like hotcakes as Sweden’s ongoing rape crisis seems to be getting worse, according to local media.

During June and August, retailers and manufacturers of pepper sprays used for self-defense have reported a 90 percent increase in sales.

'The Kjell & Company retail chain announces that it looks like they will sell about 90% more self-defense spray in August than in June. Sales figures in recent months are described as an accelerating, increasing trend,' the Swedish evening newspaper Expressen reports.

'The company Plegium both manufactures and sells self-defense spray. The company says sales have increased steadily over the past three years, but this summer it officially exploded.’

Another site selling self-defense spray by the name of ‘Bodyguard’ reported that its sales for last month increased by 21 percent despite new companies joining the pepper spray market.

'The Swedish summer has been shaken by a series of assault rapes. The most notable events have taken place in Uppsala, where two completed rapes and two attempted rapes took place between August 3rd and 7th alone,' Expressen reports.

Authorities have started recommending that Swedish women refrain from walking or cycling in spaces that are not well lit, and that party-goers should think about staying sober or heading back home earlier in the night.

'Perpetrators are looking for solitary men and women, so it is important how to move. Feel free to walk on illuminated streets and not alone in alleys or parks. Feel free to talk to someone on the way home, ask for a ride or go collectively within an established group,' a police spokesman told journalists at Expressen.

Editor's comment - As the crime rate skyrockets, and the authorities seem to be unable or unwilling to do anything about it, it's only right that citizens should arm themselves. In the UK, however, you are likely to be labelled as 'Islamophobic' or 'racist' for wanting to defend yourself against marauding bands of third world migrant thugs. No to mention the police will arrest you for having an offensive weapon.


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