Telford CSE family faces threat of attack by gunmen

Police issue 'Osman warning' to Shropshire family victims of child sexual abuse

Police have written to the family of a child sexual exploitation (CSE) victim warning its safety could be at serious risk.

The letter points to concerns people might turn up at the home with guns in relation to a previous police matter.

The West Mercia force says it will work to 'minimise the risk' but despite the grave warning, cannot protect the family "day by day".

The family lives in Telford, which is at the centre of a CSE probe.

The police correspondence from June, known as an Osman warning, advises the family to "to increase your own safety", suggesting burglar alarms, CCTV and bolts on doors. It adds:

'It may even be that you decide it is more appropriate for you to leave the area.'

Police issue Osman notices when there is intelligence suggesting a possible threat to someone's safety, but not enough evidence for officers to make arrests.

Author's comment: If the police are not willing or able to protect citizens when they have been victims of the most appalling crimes, and those victims are at risk of even more appalling crimes, then sooner or later people will take matters into their own hands, and who can blame them?

Above the entrance to the Old Bailey is a reminder that he law exists to 'defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer'. Those in authority would do well to remember that.


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