Ten reasons YOU should become a Britain First activist

Here are ten reasons YOU should become a Britain First activist.

One: Britain needs you!

Nothing's being done to stem mass immigration or the Islamisation of Britain.

Whilst the main parties are beholden to the EU and Saudi money, others refuse to raise the issues for fear of being called nasty names.

There's never been a greater need for Britain First, because we tell the truth as we see it.

Two: We're a family

Britain First activists are a cross-section of British society: men and women, old and young, black and white, from all walks of life.

What we share in common is a deep love of Britain and a determination to take our country back!

We help and support each other and often form great friendships.

Three: We're not keyboard warriors

Growing censorship of social media is making the internet much less useful as a way of getting our message out.

That's why we make a big effort to meet the great British public face-to-face.

Britain First is the ONLY patriotic organisation that effectively combines conventional politics with nationwide street activism.

Most weekends, we're out in the towns and cities of Britain, listening and talking to people about local and national issues, or peacefully protesting, or recruiting new members to the cause.

Four: Most people support us

It's amazing, that despite all the dishonest media propaganda about Britain First, most people support what we stand for.

There's nothing like getting a thumbs-up or a 'Well done!' from an appreciative member of the public!

Five: It's more fun than you think!

It's not all serious when Britain First activists meet up.

On top of the political activity, we also have social get-togethers, often with invited guest speakers to inspire, entertain or inform.

Six: There's a group in your region

Britain First has eleven activist regions: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, North West, North East, Yorkshire & the Humber, West Midlands, East Midlands, South West, South East plus London, and Eastern region.

We can put you in touch with your Regional Organiser, who'll be happy to answer your questions in confidence.

Seven: We fight elections too!

Last May, for the first time ever, Britain First members stood as candidates in the local council elections.

The results were excellent, with one candidate, Paul Rudge (below, right) beating both Conservatives and Greens to take second place in his area.

We'll be standing many more candidates next year, and we expect a breakthrough!

Perhaps YOU could become one of Britain First's first local councillors?

Eight: Choose your own level of involvement

Whilst some activists are busy most weekends, others have big personal commitments, so can only give a few hours, as and when possible.

Also, whilst some activists are happy to be public, others prefer to stay in the background.

That's absolutely fine by us.

We let activists go at their own speed, and won't pressure you to do things before you're ready.

Nine: Learn more before committing

Access Britain First on the Telegram phone app for regular news and updates.

It's simple - CLICK HERE to learn how.

Ten: It's easy to become an activist!

Just click ACTIVISTS in the top menu, and sign on.

We charge a small nominal fee, which is only to deter timewasters.

Your details remain confidential.

Once you've signed on, you can start getting involved and meeting other activists in your region!


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