The demographic apocalypse

Across Europe birthrates are collapsing: The birthrate is below replacement level in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, Sweden, Norway and many other European countries.

In Britain, the situation is equally as catastrophic.

Thanks to a selfish liberal culture, the peoples of Europe are simply not having children.

But, the population of Europe is increasing, not decreasing.

Thanks to high Muslim birthrates and mass immigration, the entire cultural and ethnic makeup of our Continent is changing forever.

In the British Isles, the English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish peoples will shortly be outnumbered and become a minority.

Christianity will vanish, as will British culture, traditions and customs.

The remaining British population will be tiny and pushed out to the fringes of the British Isles.

Islam will dominate our country in every way: Culturally, politically and demographically.

Britain as a nation will cease to exist.

Finally, a gruesome and bloodthirsty civil war will break out that will devastate the whole of the West.

Atrocities and genocide will engulf the Continent - millions will perish.

This sounds like the plot for a horror movie, but this is not fiction, this is really happening, right now.

Europeans are not having children, whereas Muslims are breeding like rabbits.

The British people desperately need to get off their backsides and fight back politically.

That is why Britain First exists, as a political and cultural movement to secure a future for our people.

Why not join the legions of patriotic Britons taking a stand against the betrayal of our country by becoming a Britain First member for as little as £4?

Britain First membership is open to everyone, both in the UK and abroad.

By joining Britain First for as little as £4, you will engage with other patriots who care deeply about our country and take part in exciting, well-organised and effective campaigns.

Don’t sit on your hands, join up today, before it’s too late:


Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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