Tory leadership eunuchs submit to Islam

Just when you thought Sajid Javid was the reasonable, secular Muslim politician, he goes and plays the Islam card - bam, right there on national television.

In yesterday's leadership debate, the Home Secretary bounced his rivals into agreeing to an external investigation of 'Islamophobia' in the Conservative Party.

'Excellent, they agree', Javid crowed, as they nodded meekly.

What's troubling about this is that only a couple of weeks ago he was rejecting calls for such an enquiry.

What's much more troubling still is that none of his TV opponents had the balls to say:

I'm sorry Sajid, I can't support that because for years in Britain we've had this thing called free speech, which allows for criticism, mockery - even insult - of religions and their followers. That includes Islam, by the way. If you can't accept it then - with all due respect - maybe you should consider pissing off to some Islamic theocracy where all criticism of Islam is outlawed?

Few people in Britain give a damn about (largely imaginary) 'Islamophobia'.

Many do care about things like freedom of speech and stopping Islam-inspired fanatics blowing more British children apart in nail-bomb attacks.

It hardly matters which one of this sorry bunch of Tory eunuchs gets elected.

They've already submitted to the Islamic demand of silencing all criticism of the truculent desert creed.


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