TRANSCRIPT: Paul Golding's speech at the Russian Parliament

A delegation of Britain First officers have travelled to Moscow to forge links with other patriots from countries such as Germany, the United States, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Japan, Romania and several more. 

Dozens of copies of Paul's new book, The Battle for Britain, were handed out to the congress delegates. 

Below is a transcript of the speech party leader Paul Golding gave today in the Russian Parliament. 

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Velikaya Rossiya,


As leader of the Britain First movement, it is my life’s honour to address you all today.

It has always been an ambition of mine to visit Moscow and your great country.

As a patriot and nationalist, I am deeply unhappy when Western establishments try to cause false antagonism between our kindred nations.

I am a great admirer of President Vladimir Putin and what he has achieved for your sacred motherland.

Britain and Russia have together resisted the ambitions of tyrants for centuries.

Millions of our citizens died fighting on the same side in these conflicts and for that reason, Great Britain and Russia should remain friends and allies.

Unfortunately for the West, our nations are being subverted by treacherous political forces committed to the ideology of globalism.

Our democracies are being subverted, our freedom of speech is being destroyed, our towns and cities are being overrun by mass immigration.

Our politicians are corrupt and inept, our media engages in deception and propaganda, our native cultures and traditions are suppressed.

Our individual and ancient countries are being submerged in a federal EU superstate, our people are treated like second class citizens.

Our nations are plagued by Islamist extremism, terrorism, grooming gangs, hate preachers and Sharia Law.

Thanks to relentless liberal propaganda and brainwashing by the media and education system, our young men have been emasculated and feminised.

Likewise, our young women are shunning motherhood, family and marriage in favour of sexual promiscuity and degeneracy.

European birthrates are catastrophically low and will lead to our extinction and replacement in the decades to come.

If present trends continue, I foresee much bloodshed and civil strife across Europe and North America.

I believe that civil war in European states is now inevitable because of the failed globalist policies of multiculturalism and mass immigration.

I applaud President Putin for condemning Western liberalism at the G20 summit last week.

He was condemned by the Western media but the peoples of European would have been in firm agreement with his statements.

Our movement, Britain First, has suffered relentless persecution and repression by the British establishment.

I have personally been arrested over fifteen times and faced over ten separate political prosecutions.

I have been in three different prisons and faced endless death threats and terror plots.

Millions of our followers have been silenced and censored by social media tech giants.

Our movement was placed under such pressure by the British state that we were retweeted by President Donald Trump, causing an international diplomatic incident.

I have personally faced three separate criminal show trials this year alone, one of which I am appealing.

My political story and the horrendous persecution I have suffered is detailed in my book, The Battle for Britain.

The British establishment is desperate to silence me once and for all, along with any other British patriots who oppose the policies of globalists.

From Vladivostok to California, from Iceland to New Zealand, the peoples and nations of the West share a common ancestral culture and civilisation.

The enemies of our civilisation, the globalists and liberals, are determined to eradicate our way of life and replace it with a rootless world society devoid of any ethnic or cultural diversity.

These enemies despise Russia and the traditionalist, Christian and patriotic principles you and your President represent.

They hope to topple the legitimate government of Russia to ensure that European nations cannot turn to your country for help in the years to come.

To achieve this, they subject Russia and President Putin to an avalanche of lies, distortions and economic pressure to turn Western populations against Russia, which is our natural ally.

The propaganda war against President Putin and Russia is the same diabolical pressure that our movement, Britain First, and many others, have been subjected to.

Smear campaigns, character assassination, false criminal charges, media lies and poison, these are the weapons the globalists use against our sacred and noble cause.

I have dedicated my life to the resurrection of Great Britain and her people, and I look forward to the day when the peoples of the British Isles stand united in friendship with the indomitable peoples of the Russian Federation.

Britain First - as a movement - will always promote friendship and affection between our kindred nations.

I must confess, I tried desperately to learn the words of the Russian national anthem before I travelled to Moscow, but I failed miserably!

I must commend the Russian people on such an amazing and uplifting national anthem.

A true and fitting anthem that captures the patriotism, sacrifice and heroism of the mighty Russian people.

I hope that in the future, patriots from Western nations and our Russian compatriots can cooperate and work together, sharing our experiences and knowledge, for the common cause.

We must work closely together to create a common civilisation that lives in peace, where our peoples are protected, our cultures preserved, and the poison of globalism is removed.

Naturally, despite the false enmity and tension created by Western governments against Russia, the nations of Eastern Europe are an integral part of this Western, Christian civilisation.

Across the Western World, patriotic movements are rising and growing in strength.

Marine Le Pen in France, Salvini in Italy, President Trump in the United States, patriotic leaders such as Victor Orban in Hungary, or the Brexit revolution in Britain, the common people of our nations are beginning to reject globalism and its failed and discredited policies.

Patriotism, populism, traditionalism and nationalism are rising in almost every nation of the Western World.

I am convinced that the future belongs to us, as long as we exhibit the same courage, heroism and tenacity displayed by our ancestors throughout history.

I would like to conclude by praising and applauding the patriotism of the Russian people and your President, Vladimir Putin.

May God bless our common cause and reward our efforts in the years to come.

God bless Russia, Britain, Europe and the West!

Thank you comrades.


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