Twisted Christmas: the Left's Attacks on Tradition and Childhood

The ideological Left twists and perverts every wholesome tradition it touches, and loves especially to corrupt childhood innocence. No surprise, therefore, that they made Christmas a prime target.

Below are some of the attacks by the haters of heritage on our most popular Christian festival.

Lesbian Nativity

Q Spirit is a website that 'promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer spirituality with LGBTQ saints, history and books'. It's run by an American female minister:

Disappointed with the scriptural account of the Nativity, she's created her own, replacing 'heteronormative' Mary and Joseph with a pair of lesbians.

There's a gay male version too.

Homosexual infant Jesus

This billboard appeared outside the church of St. Matthew-in-the-City in Auckland, New Zealand, a few years ago.

It depicts the infant Christ with a gay rainbow halo alongside the caption: 'It's Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out.'

The Bible contains numerous passages explicitly condemning homosexuality. Only an Anglican Church riddled with gay political activists could put up a hoarding this blasphemous.

To add insult to injury, the NZ Advertising Standards Authority rejected a complaint about it.

'Santa Poppins'

New Zealand again. A 'gender-fluid' Santa Claus at Ponsonby shopping centre in Auckland wears fishnet stockings and carries a Mary Poppins umbrella.

'Santa Poppins' was the centre management's response to opposition leader Simon Bridges, who'd said: 'Mary Poppins is a woman, Santa Claus is a man. That's how it should be.'

The figure's creators said they wanted to 'challenge mainstream perceptions of Father Christmas'.

'Challenge perceptions' is of course leftspeak for turning normality on its head and, in this case, destroying children's innocence. For while adults may find the figure amusing (if grotesque), the effect on children will be otherwise, as angry parents noted:

'FFS remove this abomination', demanded one. 'Christmas and Santa are for children. This stupidity has got to stop. Catering for a confused minority is a joke.'

'Yea... very f***ing funny', commented another. 'If the intention is to stop people like me with young kids going to the Ponsonby then job done.'

Ho, Ho, homomarried!

Some people think Santa jumps down the chimney; others think he enters by the back door...

In a book targeting young children, author Daniel Kibblesmith kills three politically correct birds with one stone: his Santa is not only gay and black, but also has a 'husband'.

Gay adoption Jesus

In an unconventional Nativity scene entitled 'Blaine and Patrick's Adoption Party', artist Baub Alred uses toy figures to represent Christ's parents as same-sex:

But... where exactly is Patrick's hand?

Islamic attack victim Santa

This poster, hung on an Istanbul street, shows a follower of the Religion of PeaceTM punching Father Christmas in the face.

Enough said.

'Adult baby Jesus'

This American weirdo dons mock baby clothes and a mock crown of thorns to pose as 'adult baby Jesus' at Christmastime.

No surprise, he's an Obama fan.

'Gender-neutral' Santa

In a consumerist Christmas, the iconic figure of St Nick is a marketer's dream - though perhaps a little dated.

One US design company conducted a survey asking people how they would 'rebrand' him for the modern age.

Result: 18 percent wanted a 'more hipster' look, 20 percent opted for tattoos, and nearly 30 percent wanted Santa female or gender-neutral.

Said one (presumably doped-out) New Jersey resident:

'Santa can be whatever you want it to be because I think Santa is a mystical creature.'


Anti-Christmas sickness is everywhere. But fortunately there's an antidote: to celebrate heartily and traditionally, and remember what this festive season is actually about.

Merry Christmas!

The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1622, Gerard van Honthorst.


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