Two-thirds of Tories believe UK areas ‘under sharia law’

New YouGov poll claims there is rampant 'Islamophobia' in the Conservative Party

17 July 2019 - Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have been urged to combat an ‘Islamophobia crisis’ in the party.

The YouGov poll implies that there must be a mounting 'Islamophobia' scandal, in part because two-thirds of Conservative Party members believe parts of Britain operate under sharia law.

The poll found almost half of Tories believed in the 'myth' of no-go zones (where non-Muslims are not able to enter).

The only problem here being that it's not a 'myth'. Admittedly non-Muslims can and do enter these zones, but many encounter extreme hostility, as the author of this article can personally testify.

39 per cent thought Islamist terror attacks 'reflected widespread hostility to Britain among the Muslim community'.

This would be the same Muslim community where another poll showed that 51 per cent wouldn't report knowledge of an imminent terror attack, perhaps?

In a poll carried out shortly before Sajid Javid was knocked out of the leadership contest, 43 per cent of members agreed with the statement that: 'I would prefer to not have the country led by a Muslim.'

Mr Javid had tried to make his fellow leadership candidates commit to an independent investigation into Conservative Party Islamophobia during a live television debate.

A 'good' Muslim is duty-bound - divinely commanded by Islamic ideology - to put the interests of Islam and of fellow Muslims before any non-Muslim interests, which is why no Muslim should ever lead a non-Muslim country.

The research suggested Tories are more opposed to Muslim immigration than that from other faiths, with 40 per cent wanting the number of Muslims entering Britain lowered.

Fewer than one in 10 members thought Islamophobia was an issue in the party, while almost 80 per cent denied there was a problem.

Maybe that's because 'Islamophobia' is not a real thing.

Previous research found that only a third of the wider British public believed in 'no-go zones' but that attitudes towards Muslims were changing in the wake of Isis-inspired terror attacks and grooming scandals where the majority of suspects have been of Pakistani heritage.

Well, attitudes among the wider British public WILL change if Muslims continue on their current course.

The Conservatives were also criticised for refusing to draw up a definition of Islamophobia, and then refusing to adopt one that resulted from a parliamentary inquiry.

That's because the definitions of 'Islamophobia' that have been drawn up so far are fatally flawed, and support the proposition above - that 'Islamophobia' is not a real thing.

Hope Not Hate called on the two leadership contenders to 'publicly and unambiguously' commit to tackle the issue, including by establishing an independent body to investigate Islamophobia in the party and increasing transparency in disciplinary procedures.

As a consequence, the government has been bounced into a pledge to appoint two advisers to 'arrive swiftly at a collective position'.

It would have been better to acknowledge that the presence of large numbers of Muslims in any enlightened Western society, if left unchecked and uncontrolled, will lead to increased societal tensions.

Of course, due to political correctness and the current trend towards virtue-signalling, that won't happen any time soon.

YouGov polled almost 900 party members between 14 and 18 June for the latest research.

The author's comments in this article are in bold type.


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