Two women thrown off flight for complaining about ‘terrorist’ Muslim passengers

The women reportedly tried to have three men removed from the plane


What's up, infidel dog? Have you never heard the phrase 'Allah-hu-Ackbar' before?

Two women were thrown off a Thomas Cook flight from Turkey to Gatwick Airport after they allegedly said three Muslim men in white prayer shawls were 'terrorists' and a 'threat' to the safety of the plane, other passengers have claimed.

Videos of the incident, which took place after 1am on Friday, show one of the women, who are believed to be British, removing her bag from the overhead luggage rack before being escorted off the plane by police.

The incident meant the flight from Dalaman, Turkey to Gatwick was delayed by over an hour.

Mario Van Poppel, a Belgian father-of-three who was on the flight, said the woman was a 'crazy racist'.

'A passenger on our Thomas Cook flight refuses to stay on the plane because three bearded men in white prayer robes are on board,' he tweeted.

Shanea Kerry, who was also on the plane, said the women had tried to have the men taken off the flight.

She said: 'They went to the front of the plane, spoke to the flight attendants & attempted to get the 3 men removed.'

'When one of the women 'came back to get her bags, abuse was just flying around the plane – quite a few people called her out for the "racism"… she continued to tell us we are stupid for staying on the plane with the three men.'

Ms Kerry also said the woman called her a 'fat bitch' when she confronted them for their 'disgusting behaviour'.

In a statement, Thomas Cook said: 'Two passengers on flight MT105 from Dalaman to London Gatwick were removed from the aircraft by police following offensive behaviour on board.

“The safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority and we do not accept this kind of behaviour on our aircraft. We are sorry to our customers for the delay this caused to their flight.'

Author's comment: There have been several occasions in the past where groups of Muslim men have intimidated passengers by behaving in inappropriate ways on board an aircraft (just Google 'Flying Imams').

One obvious incentive for Muslims to exhibit such behaviour is to make it less likely for non-Muslim passengers and cabin crew to complain in the future for fear of being labelled 'Islamophobic' or 'racist'.

If Thomas Cook were genuinely concerned about the safety of their customers and crew then they might do better by paying more attention to reported suspicious behaviour and less attention to political correctness and virtue-signalling.



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