UK: Teen terrorist who plotted to behead his teachers granted lifelong anonymity

Ministers have been urged to review the decision, which could incur huge cost to the taxpayer

The Royal Courts of Justice, London

Tuesday 30 July - A teenager has become the first terrorist to be granted anonymity for life, in a move deemed necessary to prevent him from becoming a poster boy for Isil.

Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist was just 14 when he directed a plot to behead a police officer.

He was jailed for life in 2015 after he admitted sending instructions to an Australian jihadist urging him to launch a deadly attack during an Anzac Day parade.

However, the judge ruled that he only had to serve a minimum of five years before being eligible for parole, meaning he could be free next year.

The youth, from Blackburn, who was recruited online by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), also planned to behead his teachers and had talked about planting a bomb on an aircraft.

But on Monday judges in the High Court ruled that the terrorist – who is now 18 and known only as RXG – can never be named. Ministers have been urged to review the decision, which could incur a huge cost to the taxpayer.

Author's comment: While the Isil teenager’s identity is protected in law, with anyone who breaches the order facing the threat of prison, the explosion of social media means it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain anonymous. In addition, should it become necessary to issue a new identity, the cost to the taxpayer could be as much as half a million pounds. The law is clearly struggling to keep up with social media for judgements like this to be issued.


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