UK: Thousands of patriots attend 'Free Tommy' rally in London

There was a heavy police presence due to an expected 'Stand Up to Racism' counter-demonstration

Sunday 04 August, LONDON - Thousands of Tommy Robinson supporters gathered outside All Souls' Church in Langham Place on Saturday, to protest against his imprisonment at HMP Belmarsh in Thamesmead.

There was an impressive array of patriotic speakers at the rally. Behind the speakers' platform was a large double-decker busĀ  on which was mounted an enormous projector screen displaying Tommy Robinson's face interspersed with images of the crowd.

After the speeches started there was some disruption as the counter-demonstrators attempted to break through police lines. Batons were drawn and the police deployed heavy reinforcements including mounted officers on horses to restore order.

There was a march down Regent Street and back again before more speeches were given at the platform in Langham Place, by which time most of the opposing counter-demonstrators had dispersed.

A police helicopter hovered above the crowd of supporters for the duration of the rally, which lasted for the scheduled three hours between mid-day and 3:00 p.m.

Tommy Robinson had been jailed at the Old Bailey on 11 July for nineteen weeks following a re-trial for contempt of court. He is expected to be scheduled for release in mid-September.


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