UPDATE: A full update on the case against the Electoral Commission

Recently, Britain First took legal action against the Electoral Commission in the High Court in Belfast for blocking our party from standing in elections for a period of over two and a half years. 

Firstly, Britain First applied to have a rapid hearing to get the whole case resolved very quickly.

We could not quite squeeze it through before the general election, but we kept up the pressure. 

As expected, the solicitors acting on behalf of the Electoral Commission are opposing our application for a quick hearing. 

The solicitors acting on behalf of the Electoral Commission have been given until early January to submit their written arguments against holding a quick hearing. 

So, in early January, the judge will decide if this case will be wrapped up quickly or whether it will go several months to a full hearing.

If the judge decides that time is pressing and this case needs to be held quickly, the full trial will be held at the end of January. 

If he decides that there is no need to rush, he will fix a date for sometime between February and April.

Either way, Britain First will hopefully be registered in time for the local elections in May.

So we will know in early January whether or not this case is going to be accelerated by the judge. 

That is the full update as things stand.

HQ would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who chipped in to get this historic legal action under way. 

We will provide more updates in early January when the judge makes his decision.


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