Update, Ramadan day 21: only 112 terror attacks and 541 killings so far

Respecting the holy character of this holiest month in the holy calendar of Islam, Islamists around the world have limited their carnage so far this Ramadan to only 112 terror attacks and 541 killings.

How grateful the world is for the restraint shown by these most ardent followers of the Religion of PeaceTM, most of whom are probably fasting and/ or devoutly praying at this very moment.

May 26, Burkina Faso: In the latest of many lethal attacks on Christians in the region, four were killed at a Catholic church in Toulfe on Sunday. These attacks are attributed mainly to ISIS-affiliated groups including ISGS, Islamic State in the
Greater Sahara.

May 24, Iraq: ISIS attacks in Sharqat, northern Iraq, killed seven people including five farmers, and injured four more. District Governor Assistant Saad al-Qaissy said IS militants intercepted the farmers on the road to Mosul, 'killed them immediately, then burned the harvest that was in their possession.'

May 22, Somalia: A suicide car bomb in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, slaughtered nine people including former foreign minister Hussein Elabe Fahiye. Militant group Al Shabab claimed responsibility.

Aftermath of Al Shabab car bombing, Mogadishu.

May 21, Afghanistan: A roadside bomb planted by Taliban insurgents killed four civilians including two women and a child in north-eastern Kapisa province.

May 18, Central African Republic: 77-year-old Sister Inés Nieves Sancho was beheaded and her body mutilated in a suspected ISIS attack in Nola, CAR. Pope Francis called the Spanish missionary 'a woman who has given her life for Jesus in the service of the poor.'

Sister Inés Nieves Sancho.


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