URGENT UPDATE: Help us drag the Electoral Commission to court!

Message from Britain First leader Paul Golding:

Fellow Britain First patriot,

Britain is crying out for a patriotic/nationalist political party that will confront the Old-Gang parties.

The Brexit Party has vanished, so has UKIP.

Once Brexit is done and dusted, the Tories will revert to their PC liberal normality.

Any other patriotic/nationalist groups are too small, too quiet and too insignificant to make an impact.

That leaves Britain First, the last man standing.

We are the British people's one and only hope of salvation.

That is not overstating the case at all, it is a fact!

Everyone knows that Britain First is the only worthy, serious, ferocious, unshakeable and dedicated patriotic/nationalist movement in this country.

Britain First has stood in major elections before, such as when I stood for mayor of London and got over 100,000 votes, a great result for a first time effort.

Several years ago, Britain First tried to re-register as a formal political party to contest elections.

In the years since, the corrupt left-wing Electoral Commission blocked no less than eight applications to register as a party, on the flimsiest of grounds.

We lost our patience with this blatant political bias and obstruction, so we sued the Electoral Commission in the High Court, a courageous act which shocked them and the rest of the establishment:

Then Covid hit and the entire country went into lockdown.

The civil legal system was mothballed and now has gigantic backlogs.

If it wasn't for Covid, then we would have already defeated the Electoral Commission and we would now be a political party.

I can tell you now, Britain First has massive ambitions to storm politics and win millions of votes. 

The British people are crying out for a tenacious and no-nonsense patriotic alternative, that's a fact.

We have already seen UKIP and the Brexit Party attracting millions of votes from patriotic Britons.

Even the old BNP managed to secure one million votes many moons ago.

As the situation gets worse and worse in this country, the British people, who are already waking up in their millions, will flock to a party like ours.

We can stand candidates for Parliament, local council elections, for Mayor of London (against Sadiq Khan) and every other rung of the political ladder.

The British people are fed up and sick to death of rampant political correctness, mass uncontrolled immigration and the terrifying growth of Islamist extremism.

Once Brexit has been settled, who do the millions and millions of patriotic Britons vote for?

There is literally no one out there.

Britain First is a household name with millions of followers and massive brand recognition.

And to top it all, we are on the cusp of the most promising political opportunity that has ever presented itself to a patriotic/nationalist movement, ever.

All we need to do is to get registered as a party and we can literally storm British politics!

Apart from Covid, we have one major problem that I am hoping you can help us overcome.

Covid has caused a massive backlog in the civil legal system, and we are sitting on our hands waiting for our case to be heard. 

But, this could take anywhere up to a year to happen!

We cannot wait that long.

We have already waited eighteen months for this case to be completed.

So what can we do?

We do have one card to play.

Next May, the next round of local elections take place nationwide.

Britain First has already started with 'warm up' activities for several of our target wards.

With this in mind, and after speaking to our legal team, I have decided upon an action plan:

Because of the impending elections and bearing in mind we have already started campaigning, we will instruct our legal team to apply to the High court for a rapid hearing.

If successful (which it will be), this means we will 'jump the queue' and face the Electoral Commission asap.

And, the best part, is that we have the perfect reason to make the application, that the elections (close of nominations) are under six months away, so we need to have the final hearing quickly.

The quicker we can get registered as a party, the quicker we can launch ourselves into elections, and then I am absolutely certain massive success will follow.

Our supporters know that I am a relentless and experienced street campaigner, but I have also been elected as a local councillor back in 2009 and won the election with a landslide.

This was a great result considering that it was a first time effort!

We stand on the verge of greatness, will you help us seize this opportunity with both hands?

To make the application in the High Court for a rapid hearing, we need to pay the fee and instruct our solicitor/barrister to lodge the application.

If we are successful (and we will be), and the judge will hear our arguments for a rapid hearing, we then need to pay the solicitor and barrister to represent us in court.

This will all cost around £5,000 in total.

Considering the monumental political opportunities that are presenting themselves to us, outlined above, can we afford not to?

This is so important, so critical, for both our nation and our movement, I am issuing a rallying call to all British patriots to get behind us on this.

The best part is, if you chip in just £10, that will be more than enough to get us over the finishing line!

This is a huge opportunity not just for Britain First, but for our entire nation!

Please chip in below with whatever you can afford, every penny counts:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


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