VIDEO: SO15 Counter Terrorism Command ambush Britain First leadership team

SO15 Counter Terrorism Command is the UK's only anti-terrorism law enforcement agency.

They are supposed to spend their time hunting down terrorists and foiling terror attacks.

Because of rampant political correctness, SO15 Counter Terrorism Command is also instructed by the Home Office to harass and persecute patriot political dissidents.

The latest example came when SO15 used an undercover unit to follow the vehicle of Britain First leader Paul Golding through the Bedfordshire countryside.

When Paul's vehicle progressed to a duel carriageway, the S015 unit called in the support of a normal marked police car and they both signalled for Paul to pull over with their flashing lights.

Paul and Britain First chief of staff Ashlea Simon were both interrogated, ID checked and Paul was even given a breathalyzer.

Thankfully, parts of the incident were filmed by Ashlea.

Please watch the full report below:

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