What could possibly be the cause of anti-traveller bias?

A man called Davie Donaldson is complaining about 'traveller bias' after seeing a sign barring travellers from an Ayrshire holiday park.

He says discrimination against the 'travelling community' is the 'last accepted form of racism'.

Davie's right - anti-traveller bias is pure racism, victimising people because they're different.

There's simply no other explanation as to why anyone would turn against these blameless citizens.

Stanmore, March 2019: 'Puppies found in enormous pile of rubbish left by travellers'

Plymouth, July 2018: 'Travellers not happy with council’s failure to pick up their rubbish'

Denbighshire, June 2018: 'Human waste, piles of rubbish and rotting nappies dumped by travellers at illegal camp'

Stratford, London, September 2017: 'Travellers "dump mountain of rubbish in 2012 Olympic Park"'

Luton, September 2017: 'Travellers dump 500 tonnes of rubbish as cleaners face 100-metre clean-up to build football stadium'

Bromley, July 2017: 'Travellers destroy field in under fortnight leaving owners with £100k bill'

Laindon, April 2017: 'Residents in tears after travellers fly-tip tonnes of rubbish and car parts next to 13th-century Essex church'

Gunnersbury, June 2014: 'Travellers set up camp and bury London park under mountains of rubbish in just three days'

• North Wales, July 2019: 'Fury as Kinmel Bay church grounds "used as travellers' toilet"'

• Worcestershire, June 2019: 'Terrified neighbours claim traveller family scratch cars and poo in school playground as they "hold village to ransom"'

• Folkestone, April 2019: 'Granddad's fury after travellers "use footpath by his garden as a toilet"'

• Shrewsbury, August 2018: 'Theft, abuse and defecation: Call for action over traveller behaviour in Shrewsbury'

• Cobham, August 2018: '200 travellers invade wealthy Surrey suburb and "steal from shops and defecate in gardens"'

• Reading, June 2018: 'Disgust as "human poo" smeared on home near traveller camp'

• Bartley Green, June 2017: Travellers poo in back gardens as caravans invade Bartley Green'

• Selly Park, November 2016: 'Why did these women poo on my driveway? Shocking footage shows pair "defecating" in front of man's home'


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