White British children are made to feel guilty - they should be bursting with pride!

Western society is increasingly oriented to promoting 'people of colour' and denigrating whites.

We see it in advertising, news media and every form of artistic production from theatre to cinema and TV.

Nowadays, to be white British is to carry a particular burden of shame and guilt, as if all the problems of immigrants and minorities are somehow our fault; that they are devoid of agency, and we must dedicate our worthless lives to making Britain a paradise for them and their multitudinous offspring.

Never mind our own kids.

From the earliest age, white British children are taught to be ashamed of their heritage.

They are implicitly (sometimes explicitly) condemned for 'racism', 'white privilege' and other socialist-invented pseudo-crimes.

Guilty until proven innocent.

Worse, there's a push by the organs of state to rewrite British/ European history and culture, to repopulate both with third-worlders and credit them with our forebears' achievements.

Let's be clear of one thing: the contribution of Africans, Arabs, Pakistanis, Turks, Chinese and so on to the building of Britain is near-imperceptible.

Because until the immigration floodgates were thrown open in the late twentieth century, their numbers were tiny.

If Britain is still a great country today, it's almost entirely due to the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors - those beneficiaries of 'white privilege' who toiled in mines, factories and workhouses or as servants of the rich, many of them living half-starved and shoeless in filthy slums; often dying young, but always ready to fight for their country in time of war.

These are the people who built Britain, and we must never allow others to take credit for it.

Every child should be raised with a knowledge of their own origins and culture, and taught to take pride in them.

This applies to all children, regardless of ethnicity, but especially to white British children, who are being systematically stripped of their identity and heritage by people who hate them.

They are being indoctrinated, 're-educated' in enemy occupied schools and universities to feel ashamed of who they are.

White guilt, 'white privilege' theory, endless picking apart of slavery and colonialism, all designed by left-wing ideologues to diminish and demoralise, to sap youngsters of pride in their identity and culture, to erase knowledge of British accomplishment and its context of Western civilisation - a civilisation still unmatched by any of the world's other (un)civilisations.

Our children should know that it was their people who created the modern world: established freedom and democracy; ended slavery; defeated tyrants including Napoleon and Hitler; eradicated smallpox and other diseases; unravelled the mysteries of evolution, genetics and the atom; invented the steam engine, television, computers and the jet engine; and (fifty years ago!) sent men to the moon.

Our kids should be bursting with pride!

Young people who know who they are and where they come from tend to be confident and well-balanced.

They make for a happier, more stable society.

Parents of school-age children must demand that teaching of history and culture prioritises Britain, Britishness and British achievement in all fields of endeavour.

However, it is mainly our responsibility - as parents, grandparents - to ensure that young people of English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish descent hold their heads high and grow into secure, patriotic adults who will resist the attacks on British national identity by hostile and retrograde forces.

To help them understand that they are not responsible for the failures of others, and owe them nothing.

The future of our people depends upon it.


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