Why are feminists so stupid?

In the latest example of self-indulgent feminist exhibitionism, groups of shouty women have been stripping off in cities around the globe to protest against Facebook's 'no nipples' policy.

That's right.

Not against Facebook's draconian censorship of political content, nor even against the propagation of violent, misogynistic pornography on the internet, but against... nipple censorship.

Stupid and trivial though the 'free the nipple' protests are, they're pretty much typical of feminist protests in general.

As stupid as when thousands of feminists wore pink 'pussyhats' to protest about Donald Trump being 'mean to women'.

As stupid as when Femen attention seekers took off their tops to desecrate a church, protesting the 'Catholic patriarchy'... or something.

As stupid as when loads of fatties and oddballs partially stripped off in London to show that fatties and oddballs 'are beautiful too' (judge for yourself).

As stupid as when thousands of feminists took part in 'slut walks' to demonstrate that sluts are... sorry, I forget the point of them now.

But nowhere near as stupid as when they waited at airports to greet immigrants from countries that treat women like cattle, where violent rape and abuse are commonplace.


1. Why do feminist protesters nearly always take their clothes off?

2. Why aren't they protesting serious issues affecting women such as: Muslim rape gangs; female genital mutilation; honour killing; repression under Islam?

3. Just why are feminists so stupid?


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