Why do some white women want to be black?

Former Birmingham University student Aga Brzostowska is ethnically Polish, though to look at her you mightn't think so.

She's been accused of 'blackfishing' - pretending to be black or mixed race.

Here's how Aga used to look:

She admits to artificially darkening her skin, though denies having arse implants:

Other women have used plastic surgery, even illegal (and potentially dangerous) tanning injections, to achieve the look they want:

Henriette Otervik, Norway.

Emma Hallberg, Sweden.

Mika Francis, UK.

Hannah Tittensor, UK.

Jaiden Gumbayan, USA.

Martina Big, Germany.

Probably the best-known transracial deceiver is Rachel Dolezal, who built an academic career around her pretence of blackness:

Rachel Dolezal, USA.

Blackfishing has angered many in the BME community, with good reason.

Some liken it to the theatrical 'blackface' once used by white performers to caricature black people in 'minstrel' shows.

So why do these women do it?

Many of them are social media 'influencers' (Instagrammers or YouTube vloggers sponsored by fashion and beauty companies to influence people's purchasing decisions) who see in such transformation a way of maintaining relevance and popularity.

Dara Thurmond, a nurse from New York (who actually is black) put it this way:

I guess some people who are white-presenting feel like they're not the standard anymore. So now they're trying to do things to stay relevant and keep their popularity.


But if it gets to a point where you are now trying to pass as someone of mixed race and you're not... that's when it becomes an issue.

There's recently been a huge rise in the number of people 'self-identifying' as the opposite sex.

Growing societal approval drives this, because for many 'transgenderism' is way of attracting attention, of becoming interesting and different.

Will we see a comparable rise in the number of people identifying as 'transracial', demanding medication and surgery for 'transition', and strict new laws to punish transracialphobes who dare to point out their true biological race?

We wouldn't bet against it.


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