YouTube follows Amazon, blacklists ‘Killing Europe’ Islam documentary

Social media giants are determined to allow only one point of view — who has the power and the will to stop them? 

Saturday 10 August - YouTube blacklisted Killing Europe, a documentary about Islam and mass immigration in Europe that had previously been hosted on the platform for over a year, just days after Amazon Prime made the same decision.

Unlike Amazon, which said it censored the documentary due to 'quality' concerns, YouTube accused the documentary — a critical examination of immigration in Europe — of violating its 'hate speech' policy.

The documentary is a mix of on-the-ground footage and interviews, including interviews with ex-Muslims, British politicians, and victims of the notorious Rotherham rape epidemic.

'This is America, not Canada and not Europe — we’re supposed to have free speech,' said director Michael Hansen in a video message to his subscribers. 'So why is it that they’re working so hard to [pull] my movies down?'

Supporters of the documentary have since uploaded it to BitChute, a decentralized free-speech oriented YouTube competitor.

Author's comment: Freedom of speech is nearly a thing of the past and soon will be altogether, if we continue to insist that malevolent monopolies are private companies and so nothing can be done about them. The answer is actually very simple - use anti-trust laws to break them up in the same way that they were used in the last century to break up railway and oil companies that had become too powerful.


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