'Lion of London Bridge' forced to attend 'deradicalisation' classes

In the aftermath of any Islam-related mass slaying or bloody attack, the authorities' first thought is always for Muslims, how they might be affected by an 'Islamophobic backlash' that invariably fails to materialise.

And always, by some sick, twisted illogic, they find others on whom to deflect blame, including even the victims themselves.

Daily Mail:

The 'Lion of London Bridge' who was hailed a hero for fighting off knife-wielding jihadis during the terror attack said he is on an anti-terror watch list after being contacted by far-right anti-Islam supporters.

Roy Larner, 49, screamed, 'f*** you, I'm Millwall,' as he took on the knife murderers when they struck in June 2017 while he was enjoying a pint in the Black & Blue restaurant in Borough Market, in Southwark, south-east London.

But Mr Larner has since been placed on the Government's Prevent programme over fears that he could become an extremist after he was contacted by far-right yobs.


Mr Larner said: 'They treat me like a terrorist but I'm not political at all.'

The 49-year-old required surgery after being slashed multiple times in the head and neck by Rachid Redouane and Yousseff Zaghba, who - along with third terrorist Khuram Butt - ended up killing eight and injuring 38 others.


Mr Larner said one of the attackers had shouted, 'This is for Allah,' and 'Islam, Islam, Islam,' when they struck.

Even after being repeatedly stabbed and falling to the floor, CCTV footage showed Mr Larner raising his fists in defence.

This is how they treat heroes in Britain.

Blaming or casting suspicion on the victims of terror is a displacement activity of those in government, the police and security services who are too timid or PC to tackle its real causes head-on.

For them, sending the victims of 'Allahu Akbar' stabbing attacks on 'deradicalisation' courses is far easier than sending police and security services into mosques and madrassas where Muslim youths are being filled with anti-Western hatred.

Far easier than hunting down and deporting the thousands of truly dangerous people - including hardened ISIS veterans - now roaming the streets of Britain.

And far easier than halting mass immigration from regions of tribal and religious fanaticism, the main sources of terrorism in twenty-first century Britain.


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